Community Property Division Attorney

A community property division attorney helps you keep what you have acquired during marriage.  You worked hard to acquire your home, car, savings, retirement assets, household furnishings and your personal belongings.  The thought of dividing such assets can be an emotionally painful, as well as financially stressful.  However, the general rule under California law is that property and debts acquired during a marriage or domestic partnership are equally owned by both spouses, and are therefore equally divided (in terms of total net value) between the spouses during the divorce process.

Does the general rule applies to everything acquired during marriage/registration? Absolutely not!  Laws affecting the division of community property are complex and multi-layered.  The unique facts of your case will determine whether an asset is divided according to the general rule, or by different rules.  The division of property becomes more difficult when separate property (property acquired before the date of registration/marriage or after the date of separation) is mixed with community property (property acquired after the date of registration/marriage but before separation).  One spouse/partner also has the option of keeping one asset in exchange for the other spouse/partner keeping a different asset with equal value.

After the property division process is completed through an agreement or a trial, the terms are set forth in a Judgment.  The language of this document is critical to ensuring that the terms are clear to the parties, as well as any judge who might be needed in the future to enforce the Judgment.

Having an experienced family law lawyer on your side is crucial to helping you understand how the various statutes and court decisions apply to the unique details of your case.  Leigh A. Kretzschmar is a qualified and competent attorney who can help you make informed, sensible decisions and protect your interests.  Leigh A. Kretzschmar is experienced in dividing a wide range of property types, including retirement assets, stock options, small business interests, and homes; and, in drafting enforceable Judgments which protect the interests of her clients.

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